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    Question Homestead Exemption Waiver

    I am considering bankruptcy and have found that most all of my assets are covered by the homestead exempt.
    However, we have an unsecured loan for 13,000 and when we got the loan we apparently signed a for called a homestead exemption waiver. My question- Does this waiver mean that we waive the right to the homestead exemption if we file bankruptcy? It sounds like it but isn't that the purpose of bankruptcy and the homestead exempt? Any info you can provide will help us a lot. Obviously we didn't know what it meant when we signed it. Just another bad decision in a line of many. Thanks.

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    This is in what state?

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    Sorry, I am in Virginia

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    I don't see anything in Virginia law which would make a homestead waiver unenforceable. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should have the contract reviewed by a bankruptcy lawyer (try to get a free consultation) to verify that it is in proper form and is actually enforceable.

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