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    Default Injury On Job and Light Duty

    I live in New Jersey and 2 weeks ago I injured my hand while doing my job. I had my employer send me to company medical center to be checked out. My employer paid me for the time that I was at the medical center that day. I was seen by a nurse at the med center and she made a determination that i pulled a tendon in my hand and wrapped the hand and told me not to use it till I came back 3 days later. I was given a note to take back to work saying that I could return to work for light duty. 3 days later I returned to the medical center to see a Dr. and he told me that I could not lift more than 5 pounds with the hand. My employer does not really have anything that is considered light duty but I have been working my normal job as best as I can. I have been going to medical center then going straight to work after. Today my employer informed me that I will not be getting paid for my time at medical center and has decided to cut my hours due to the fact that this is going through workers comp. Is my employer required to pay for my time at medical center while I am still going to work after being there since this is their Dr. I am seeing?

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    Default Re: Injury On Job and Light Duty

    Your employer doesn't have to pay you for doctor visits, but if you get sick time or personal time you can use that.

    If your employer is retaliating against you for filing a worker's comp claim by cutting your hours, that's illegal. (Information on discrimination complaints.)

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