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    Default Filing False Insurance Claims

    I recently posted under the un-insured section about a 3 car accident in Indiana. Basically I was stopped at a light and got rearended, so hard that it pushed me into the car in front of me. There were no injuries reported on scene and no one taken to the hospital.

    I was un-insured (please no lectures, I've already been there) but, the car that rearended me admitted total fault on scene to everyone including police. The driver I was pushed into has since threatened to sue everyone and that the money from the at-fault drivers company is not enough, and now claims "injuries" even though they were barely tapped and there was no damage to my front bumper and only a small bend to their back bumper. (Either way, the at fault insurance issued him a check to fix the bend in his bumper that was supposedly not cashed because he wants to hire an attorney). Twice I told this person I was not interested in going in together on an attorney for injuries that aren't really there, so he finally quit calling me.

    THEN.... This driver in front of me (not getting the big bucks from the at-fault person) got the name of my old ins. co from my registration and keeps calling them and has so far filed two claims trying to get money. Two times, my old co has told them that I wasn't insured and even if I was this isn't something they would pay for anyway because I wasn't at fault.

    All has been quiet for about 3 weeks now. If this person makes a third false claim or calls me again is this something I should file a police report on, or simply wait to see if this dies down on its own???

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    Default Re: Filing False Insurance Claims

    It's not a "false insurance claim" to make a claim for damages with the wrong insurance company.

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