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    Question Chemical Dependency Assessment

    I got pulled over and I was caught with one ounce of marijuana. I was assessed 6 years ago as an adolescent and found to be chemically dependent. I went through inpatient and outpatient treatment along with 7 months at a group home. I was told by my PO that I am going to need to take an assessment and am wondering if i should tell him about my past or try to get through the assessment. I don't want to go back to treatment. I was clean for 3 years and relapsed.

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    Default Re: Chemical Dependency Assessment

    I would never suggest lying to a probation officer. What if you get caught?

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    Default Re: Chemical Dependency Assessment

    First of all, sorry, I didn't mean an ounce, I meant a gram. If they find me chemically dependent in my assessment and I haven't told my PO will they let me skip the treatment. I don't want to tell my PO and be sent to treatment again because I relapsed. I don't know if it will hurt me more to tell him. Is that considered lying and what may the consequences be???

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