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    Default Failure to Pay Probation and Avoiding Jail

    I recently went to see my probation officer after not seeing them for 8 months because i couldnt afford to pay them I got caught a second time for driving with a suspended license and they gave me 12 more months i am a college student i work but i dont make that much money i went to city court to take care of some old traffic tickets that came up to 300 dollars and they put me on probation for 800 dollars and said i have to pay 200 dollars a month the other probation that im on state court said i have to pay 200 dollars a month thats 400 dollars a month i make 450 dollars a month and thats enough to pay for my rent and my bills and barely enough for me to eat with if i go to jail ill be put out of school and i recently stopped going to see them because i couldnt pay them and they said i had to what can i do i cant pay them until january of next year how do i avoid going to jail

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    Default Probation Violation

    You need to explain your financial situation to your probation officer. As it is, you're compounding your problems with your failure to appear - something that of itself can get you violated - so you need to contact your probation officer ASAP with a very sincere apology.

    As for the money, get a loan, get a student loan, take an advance on a credit card, borrow money from family, get a second job.... Pay off your fines.

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