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    Default How To Deal With An Arrest-Only Record During The Interview

    Hi guys,
    First I want to say thank you in advance for helping me out with this question.
    If a person got arrested for petty theft for stealing a small item like around $20, signed some papers with the stores which is not what I'm concerned about. Then went to the police station for fingerprinting and photos booking. Was released without bail since it was his first offense (no priors). Then got a good lawyer then the DA decided to not file any charges against him. Never had to go to court or paid any fines. Simply just an arrest-only record, no court files.
    I know the person in the INS will see my arrest record but they won't be able to know what happened. since there was no convictions i guess he won't be so hard about it but what if he asked me about the police report? can he ask me for that? that will take a while to pull up.
    Anyways my question is can this be a major problem?
    Thanks again for all the helps

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    Default Re: How To Deal With An Arrest-Only Record During The Interview

    If they ask for the police report, they will want you to provide a copy.

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    Default Re: How To Deal With An Arrest-Only Record During The Interview

    I've checked with my police station, they don't give out detailed police report. Since I've never went to court so there was no court files, the DA didn't file any charges against me. There wasn't even a file or a case against me, was just an arrest.
    Any helps will be appreciated.
    Thank you

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