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    Question Multiple Rear-End Collisions

    I was involved in a multiple rear end collision in CA. I was the middle car of the 3 cars involved in it. I saw the truck in front of me suddenly brake and come to a near stop. I started to brake as well. As I was getting to stop, I felt a bump from behind and I realised I have been hit from behind. Then I hit the truck in front of me. I have extensive damages to my car , the truck in front of me has little damages. My questions is who would be held liable for the accident? The two collisions were just instances apart and I can't say for sure which one happened first. But I m planning to tell my insurance the rear collision happened first. Can I be held liable for making a wrong statement? I can say I wasn't sure which one happened first, but I have been told by people to make only firm statements to the insurance companies. Any advice on this will be very useful. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Multiple Rear-End Collisions

    You need to tell the ins. co. the truth as you know it.

    The ins. cos. will determine fault after reviewing all info.

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