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    Red face Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Dismissed

    Filed Chapter13 in July 04 after paying for almost 2 years was dismissed. I had to leave country back and forth to take of my father who had a couple of strokes in the same year. It was almost impossible to communicate back and forth with the attorney, it finally got dismissed. After case was dismissed I paid all secured debts and what was left were 2-3 cc debts that had already been sold to collection agencies.
    I know that has affected my credit but will it show that I did pay all the secure debts? Sold the house and paid that off in full and paid both of my cars also...these were the only secure debt included in the case.

    I do not want to ever deal with credit card debt but understand that I have to so I can re establish credit....absolutely oxymoronic!!!!

    Thanks for any feedback.


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    Default Re: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Dismissed

    Your credit report will show what has been reported to it by your creditors. If they have not updated data since you paid them, you can dispute the information with the credit bureau or ask them to update their entries.

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