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    Default Do all employers check on misdemeanor charges?

    A friend of mine said that is is illegal to check on misdemeanor charges in the state of indiana for some employers excluding law enforcement and banks, and education. Is that true. Also, would it be harder to find an arrest record if the arrest only went to Pretrial. Or would it be just as easy to find it if it had gone all the way to trial and there was a plea?

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    Default Re: Do all employers check on misdemeanor charges?

    With or without an expungement? I can't find anything that would stop an employer from checking on a prospective employee's unexpunged misdemeanor records. Granted, that does not mean that there is not such a law; just that I can't find one.

    Typically, a criminal record will show the arrest, initial charge, and conviction charge and sentence (if any).

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    Not sure about where you live, but in California, if you are over 18, all records of arrests and convictions are a matter of public record - expunged or not. So if the company does a background check at all the odds are they will dig up everything. If you stole a candy bar or kicked a puppy - they very likely will find out about it.

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