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    Default Failure to Provide Insurance

    So i got pulled over about a month ago driving my friend's car home from impound. My friend was in jail at the time, During the drive from the impound to my friend's house i got pulled over (in California) and received a ticket for failure to provide insurance. Can i fight this in court w/o my friend having to put me on his insurance policy?

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    Default Failure to Provide Insurance

    If you are driving a vehicle, the proof of insurance the officer wants to see is for the vehicle you are driving. They don't care if you have your own vehicle parked back at your home - they want to know that the vehicles on the road are insured.

    So if the car was properly insured, and you can present evidence to the court that the car was insured, you may be able to get a more favorable resolution of the ticket. (Depending upon the jurisdiction and type of ticket, sometimes you can even get a dismissal without going to court just by presenting proof of insurance.) Courts are also often sympathetic to the position of somebody who borrows a car, and isn't aware that their friend failed to put the insurance certificate into the glove compartment, provided the car is actually insured.

    You were the driver, and the ticket should reflect the plate number (or VIN) of the vehicle you were driving such that you can demonstrate to the court that the proof of insurance you provide applies to the vehicle you were driving.

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