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    Default Renewing A State ID With a Warrant

    Hi. I'm moving to new york in a little less than a week and am currently living in ohio. I was stopped back in june of 2005 for a second dui/driving under suspension and failed to appear in court. My question is, would there be any complications involved at the bmv with the renewal of my state id. also, would there be any complications ensuing if i just wait until i get to new york and renew it then.

    I realize I should have taken care of this all immediately after it occurred and by doing so compounded the issue by roughly 50 fold, but I was young and stupid and for the most part still am. I'm pretty much bound to this new york excursion and need a valid id.

    any help would be nice. thanks.

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    Default Re: Renewing A State ID With a Warrant

    New York explicitly states,
    Quote Quoting Non-Driver Photo ID Cards
    A person of any age who does not have a driver license can apply to the DMV for a non-driver photo ID card. You must provide acceptable proofs of identity and date of birth. You can apply for a non-driver photo ID card if your NYS driver license is suspended or revoked. When you apply for a non-driver photo ID card you must surrender your NYS driver license. There are no exceptions. You do not have to surrender a non-driver photo ID card when you get a driver license or your driver license is reinstated.
    Ohio doesn't have a similar statement (here's their brief info), but I would not be surprised if they have a similar policy.

    Consider getting a lawyer, and trying to clear up the old charge. You may not need a driver's license right now, but you may in the future.

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    Default Re: Renewing A State ID With a Warrant

    thanks for the help. sorry if my previous reply sounded smarmy; that wasn't my intention in the slightest. the comprehensive amount of information on this website is pretty vast. i think im just going to go renew my photo id tomorrow. i was looking around on the dmv's website and noticed that while most states require proof of residency to obtain identification, new york does not. im assuming this is due to the large amount of people that flood into the state every year (specifically new york city).

    i was paranoid id end up getting arrested or something when i went in to acquire non-driver identification. given the fact however that ive noticed posts from people with felony warrants dating back some 10 years though im assuming i wont have much of a problem.

    i suppose ill get a lawyer, and tie up this gaping end at some date, but right now im really just not ready to settle with the come uppance im unavoidably due.

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