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    Default Threatened with greater charge if I fight a ticket

    I was pulled over in PA about 2 weeks ago for Careless Driving. The cop said i was spinning my tires at the night when I took off. However, it was the car next to me who was doing it. A truck actually. I just was going faster then the truck because he was spinning his tires and I guess the cop thought it was me. When he pulled me over I told him my license expired and it was in process of getting renewed. He wrote me up for careless driving which carries 3 points and said that he would let me go on the "Driving Without License". He also told me that if I try to fight the ticket in court, he will write me up for both. I told him It wasn't me who was spinning the tires, it was the guy next to me. (This was at night by the way). He got snippy and said should I just write you up for both of them now? Then when he was wraping it up, he was like, I don't even have to let you drive your car out of here because you don't have a license. I went to start my car and he was like....You better not start that while I'm here. And he left. And I left. 2 Days later I got my license paper in the mail.

    Now, almost 2 weeks after getting pulled over and I pleaded not guilty to careless driving I got my other ticket in the mail. It it for "Operating Vehicle Without Valid License".

    Also, my trial is tomorrow!!!!

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    Default Driving Without Valid License

    In my experience, prosecutors are quite understanding of your type of situation, and will typically work out a favorable deal. That is, they understand how a license renewal can slip somebody's mind. They are much less understanding if the license is suspended for repeated traffic violations or as the result of a criminal conviction (e.g., for drunk driving), or for repeat offenders. Unfortunately, that experience is in Michigan, not Pennsylvania, but it may nonetheless be worth something in your state.

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    Default Cop said if you show up in court to fight this, I will charg

    I also gathered that there is a Pennsylvania Case Law that prohibits an officer from writing you another fine if you choose to fight the first one? Do you know anything about this? Thanks!

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    Default PA Case Law

    You can try searching for any such rule through, for example, LexisOne.

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