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    Angry Getting An Abandoned Vehicle Title

    I am a PA resident who purchased a car in NJ from a private owner. We went to the bank, paid off the vehicle, and the owners came to the NJ DMV with us. We got the necessary paperwork done, went back to PA, went to a "quick tag" office and filed for a PA title, after paying them PA taxes and fee. After about 6 weeks, when we did not get the title, we returned and they said the PA DMV was backed up and we would be getting it shortly. After then being jerked around for several more weeks, we went back to the quick tag office and found they were no longer in business. Seems the State Police shut them down and put them in jail. They told us to notify the PA DMV, since we had the information we gave the quick tag office. Called the DMV, said to get another title from NJ. Went to NJ DMV, who said they didn't have the title now, since once we crossed into PA, it was their policy to destroy the NJ title. Called PA DMV. No help whatsoever. Said to have an attorney file for an "abandoned vehicle" title. Called EIGHT attorneys, and they had absolutely no idea how to do it. Now I'm at a loss. Can ANYTHING be done?????

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    Default Re: Getting An Abandoned Vehicle Title

    You may find your solution here (PDF), courtesy of Lancaster County.

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