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    Default Proving an Illegal Traffic Stop

    First i will admit i do have a suspended license and i was on probation for driving on it. While going to the store for my girlfriend who was seriously sick in the bed an officer pulled up behind me and followed for about 2 miles. I was doing the speed limit, i have a new truck so there's nothing wrong with it, and was not driving irradically. About a block from the house he proceeded to pull me over. Once he approached the vehicle he stated the reason for the traffic stop was the light on my tag was out, at that point he ran my name to find that i was driving on a suspende license and he placed me under arrest. The truck was released to owner and when he drove off i made a statement to the officer that the tag light was not out he then proceeded to tell me the truth that the stop was because his computer took to long to run the tag. Is this a legal stop? Can he be held for a false police report? The warning citation that we received did state that the tag light was out even though we both saw it wasn't. Is there any place i can research more info on this topic?

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    Default Traffic Stop Without Cause

    If the traffic stop was truly without cause, and there was no light out, you may bring a motion to try to suppress the stop. You can research the case law at a local law school or County law library, or through online services like LexisOne. However, it would benefit you to get the assistance of a lawyer.

    Without wanting to sound unduly cynical, you may anticipate that if you attempt to suppress the stop on the basis of what the officer said to you, the officer will deny having made the admissions and will go back to asserting that the light was out.

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    Talking Re: Proving an illegal traffic stop

    You can probably win with alot of,effort,time,money.You prob have to prove the tag light was working somehow.It's such a money racket makes me ill.
    Be better if they say ok pay this amount or this amount of jail time.Simple but not enough money for the city/county/state.Once they get ya by the balls they twist sqeeze and WONT LET GO!lol good luck

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