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    Default Tire Dealer Lawsuit

    I just totalled my first car, a 1998 Jeep Wrangler. Two weeks prior I went in to Kal-Tire, a local tire chain, and asked for winter tires. They said in a 4x4 all that are needed are all season tires, so they suggested new all-season tires for the front and I just keep my old, worn out all-season tires on the back. Sure enough, after a snowfall I was driving down a relatively clear highway when the back, unchanged tires, began to skid and I veered off into a concrete wall. I have a broken neck, torn ACL, and some minor head injuries, and am wondering the chance of a successful lawsuit, considering they detered me from buying the winter tires I asked for.

    Thanks for reading!

    Edit: This happened in British Columbia, Canada, if that matters

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    Default Re: Tire Dealer Lawsuit

    Quote Quoting Vilhjalmur
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    Edit: This happened in British Columbia, Canada, if that matters
    Yep, it sure does. Not many, if any, of the posters here are knowledgeable in Canadian law.

    Hang on though. Somebody might pop up that has some info.

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    Default Re: Tire Dealer Lawsuit

    You can skid on new snow tires as well as on old all-weather tires. Most of the time when people lose control in a skid, it is because they are driving too fast for the weather conditions and don't know how to pull out of a skid.

    I also doubt that any tire vendor is going to tell you to keep old, worn out tires unless you tell them that you can't afford to replace them. They make their money selling new tires, and I've yet to find a tire dealer who tells me, "No, even though your tires are worn out (or, for that matter, even though you could legitimately get another year out of your tires), we don't want your money."

    Realistically, you need to consult a personal injury lawyer in B.C., and see if any type of case can be built out of your accident.

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    Default Re: Tire Dealer Lawsuit

    there are some current recomendations by a couple of major tire manufacturers that state that if purchasing only 2 new tires, they need to be placed on the rear to prevent the situation OP has experienced.

    The thought behind it is, if you have good tires on the front and not as good tires on the rear, the fronts will grab better and possibly cause the rear to skid around the front.

    That info may help you if this tire store sell any of the manufacturers brands that are warning of this.

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