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    Default Is landlord surveillance legal?

    Over the past few months, my landlord has hired a local agency to follow me. Why? They can't figure out how I can live in the apartment without the usual means. Also, a former tenant lives across the avenue from my parents's home in a quiet neighborhood. I have heard him make calls to them to report that I am at my parent's home and also what I am doing there.

    I am now looking around me when I leave here to see if I have been followed and I have even altered my route. I can hear the landlords and others outside the doors of my 80 year old building checking whether I am 'in there'.

    I am unemployed. I have been taking care of my parents who have Alzheimer's disease and heart disease, respectively. We recently have had to place one of them in a nursing facility. Also, I have been trying to organize and toss items in my apartment. In living there for the past 12 years, I have accumulated possessions and I am trying to reduce what I have so that I won't have to take them with me when I move. I am damned if I am here and damned if I am not because I can't accomplish this mission away from my home.

    Whether I am not at home much or there most of the time, is not their concern.

    Doesn't my right of privacy in the United States of America/State of Minnesota extend to what I do in my life outside of my home? Can my landlords legally have me followed?

    I am a law abiding citizen and and I think what they are doing is hassassment. I am getting little peace.

    :?: Can I be evicted for spending a lot of time in my private space and assisting my parents in their lives at their home?

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    Default Surveillance by Landlord

    It isn't apparent from your report that anybody is doing anything unlawful. If you are feeling harassed or believe laws are being broken, you may wish to file a police report.

    Please note, however, that your suspicions may be getting the better of you. I have never heard of a landlord doing what you describe, and it would seem to be an awfully expensive thing to do with no apparent benefit.

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    My building managers tend to waste the owner's money so I am not surprised that they have stooped so low as to hire someone to follow me. I have been trying to clean out somethings today. My television has been off. I have been hearing people coming down the hallway today (the building is U-shaped and I am at one end of the U).

    I am being harassed.

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    What do you suspect they would be following you for?

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    Default Is landlord surveillance legal?

    They would be following me to find out how I can afford to live in my apartment. They want to know what I am doing to support myself.

    I was on my cordless phone about half an hour ago. I heard the sound of a car going by in the receiver. Neither I, nor the person to whom I was talking, was near any traffic. However, the street on which my apartment building sits, is noisy. The sound was as if I was talking to someone in a car who had the car window closed.

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