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    Default Rezoning In North Carolina

    I live in a small town and own a piece of property that is in city limits and is beside a property that is zoned C-2. I wanted to have my property zoned C-2 (neighborhood business) which is allowed by city ordiance. I applied and ask for the change. I went before the planning board and they "approved all in favor". I went before the city council and I had 2 neighbors and a representative from the church show up to oppose. The preachers house is beside my land but it is empty and going to be sold. The city council turned me down. Is this legal?Where they within there rights to turn me down? Our zoning laws allow for land to be rezoned as long as it is beside business property. Thanks for any help. Randy

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    Default Re: Rezoning In North Carolina

    Is it legal for a city council to deny rezoning? Generally speaking, yes. In your specific situation, we have no way of knowing. There will be an appeals process; if you wish to pursue it you should consider getting help from a local real estate lawyer who handles zoning matters.

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    Thanks for the reply Mr Knowitall. I'm considering seeking a lawyer. I have not filed an appeal yet.

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