I was brokering a real estate company in Iowa on a temporary basis until the owner of the company, who only has his sales person license, could obtain his Broker's license.
We had a verbal agreement that i would broker the company for one year and he would pay me a certain commission split.
I originated several deals and was always paid by the owner what I was owed. I had a situation come up where it was a conflict of interest for me to broker his company any longer and had to transfer my license. I communicated this with him (and have documentation) for several months, that I would be leaving once he finished his classes to obtain his license.
By his choice, he chose to not complete the classes. I left the company anyway. Being that I was the Broker of the office, he had to shut the company down when I left since he did not have a new broker.
There was a transaction where I represented the buyers that closed 6 days after I left. The owner of the company told me he is not paying me my commission. I worked with these buyers (and have documentation) for over 7 months and showed them over 30 homes. The owner of the company was aware of this transaction before I left and agreed that he would pay me my commission...which he later decided not to.
I am taking him to small claims court next week.
Since I was the pro-curring cause of the sale, and the broker at the time, am I owed my commission?