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    Question Special Needs Doctrine

    Need help with a question:

    The “special needs” doctrine covers each of the following area, except:

    a. police officers enforcing regulatory laws concerning automobile junk shops.

    b. police officers engaged in traffic enforcement.

    c. drug testing of pregnant women in state hospitals.

    d. drug testing of candidates running for state offices.

    This is a question that is driving me crazy. I cannot seem to find the answer even under the portion of the book that deals directly with the issue.

    My best/educated guess is "d". Candidates/politicians never want to be held accountable.

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    Default Re: Special Needs Doctrine

    I happened to have this in my S&S case list notes, believe it or not, so it rang a bell with me when you listed it. I won't comment on the other choices, but you ARE correct about D:

    Held: Georgia's requirement that candidates for state office pass a drug test does not fit within the closely guarded category of constitutionally permissible suspicionless searches. Pp. 6-17.

    The high court reversed the 11th, who ruled thus:

    "The court accepted as settled law that the tests were searches, but reasoned that, as was true of the drug testing programs at issue in Skinner and Von Raab, the statute served "special needs," interests other than the ordinary needs of law enforcement."

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