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    Default How To Convince a Detective To Press Charges

    I'm from Virginia. I've had a long running feud with someone very disturbed who has married into my husband's family. Apparently she hated me on sight (and actually verballized her sentiment at the time) and she has been harrassing me ever since. She seems to operate in spurts...for example I'll hear nothing from her for 6 months, and then all of the sudden I'll get a flurry of insulting calls, emails, messages from her.

    She has a history of violent and erratic behavior. In 2003 she assaulted my husband who was trying to intervene in a physical dispute between her and her husband. After assaulting my husband, she called the police and accused him of assault. The police charged her with domestic disturbance at the time, and then at the trial the judge ruled guilty but deffered the verdict (is that the right terminology?)

    Later, the woman showed up at my house during a family dinner and tried to force her way into the front door while screaming threats and insults at me. My husband blocked her entry into the house and I called the police. When the police arrived she told them my husband assaulted her and was trying to kill her unborn child (we had no idea she was pregnant). So the police didn't arrest her they just told her to go home.

    Last April, the women managed to crack into all of my email and electronic accounts. After accessing the accounts she changed all the passwords and blocked my acccess. After copying everything for herself, she deleted everything. My work, my family photos/blog site, my last 5 years of emails. All deleted. I managed to get screenshots of some very terrible content she posted on my blog after deleting the site. I got voicemails which she left referring to what she had done as "an eye for an eye." She admitted it to my mother on the phone the day after. I got her IP address from my Blog host as a login to the account on the day of the attack.

    The complication was, I am a US citizen living in Morocco, and she lives in Virginia so when I called the police as the crime was in progress (knowing exactly who it was) they refused to respond.

    So I went through the US Embassy here and filed an affadavit. It took more than a month to process everything. In the meantime, she continued to harrass me (without ANY provocation) and I continued to quietly collect evidence. I was sure that with patience, I would have justice.

    Finally, my case was handed to a fairfax county detective. On the SAME day, she AGAIN hacked into some other accounts I had. The detective was able to watch her posting messages to me on my site and also able to get her IP address. He had the IP address traced to her house (that took a month) and then FINALLY in October, he called her in for questioning.

    She confessed! But I have no idea what she told the detective because ever since he has been chillingly cold with me. The only thing he said was she gave him 60 papers of "stuff" and one thing was an accusation that I had threatened her life. This is ToTALLY ridiculous! SHE has been harrassing ME and threatening ME for the last 4 years. I gave him a voicemail she left on my answering machine where she threatened (after taking all my accounts) to "Destroy you like hell!" But anyway, all my contact is over the phone so I really have no idea what is going on.

    I call him (the detective) weekly for updates. Mid Nov, he told me that he was going to press charges the following week. He refused to tell me what charges he was pressing.

    The next week, he did not press charges. My husband called him and the detective said he didn't press charges because he was too busy. My husband said, "Ok, I understand so now when can we expect charges to be pressed?" And he said, "I don't know." My husband asked, "What charges are you going to press?"

    He said, "1 count of misdemeanor computer trespass." !!!

    I am so upset!!! I want her to be charged with computer fraud, computer invasion of privacy and computer trespass (three misdemeanor counts). What she did was horrible and if that's all they charge its making it a complete joke for her. I told the detective very politely (via email) last week that I was very disapointed that he was only pressing that charge and could he please explain why. He has not responded.

    I don't know what else to do? I am supposed to fly all the way to the States to press one count of computer trespass (a $250 fine)? This woman will not leave me alone and she will not stop. What can I do to make the detective understand that I NEED him to take this case seriously?

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    Default Re: How To Convince a Detective To Press Charges

    The file is going to be passed off to a prosecutor who will review the detective's recommendation. Check with the prosecutor's office to see if they have a victim's rights officer, and indicate that you want to talk to the prosecutor about the case and charge. Keep in mind that being cool, collected and rational will get you a lot farther than any display of anger or emotionality.

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    Default Re: How To Convince a Detective To Press Charges

    Thanks, Aaron. That was very helpful because it confirmed my initial thought that if I am just patient and wait for a prosecutor to get the case then maybe I can get some more answers with regards to the charges.

    I have been very calm and polite always when talking to the detective. Its only after I hang up that I let myself get frustrated. I called again today and at least he actually kinda sounded happy to hear from me. But again he said he didn't know when the warrant would be done. So I'm just waiting.

    Is this normal? I mean, she confessed to the police in October, they have her voicemails, her IP address in my site, copies of everything she posted, my mom's a witness to her admitting guilt the day after and apparently they are only charging one lame little misdemeanor count so what is taking so long?

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