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    Default Inappropriate Online Behavior With Minors

    State - KS

    I recently found out that I really do not know my husband. He has some major problems and I am unsure if I should report his activities to authorities and which authorities I should be contacting. Here are the highlights of the situation:

    Situation #1
    • He's been using My Space Chat/IM and talking to young girls
    • He tells them explicitly what he wants to do to them and that he is playing w/himself
    • Considering what he has been doing on his computer, his desktop is a pic of the next door neighbor kids sitting on a bench, sucking on popsicles

    Should I report this? If so, to who?

    Situation #2
    • My husband is in the States on a green card and had been here for 6 months in 2000
    • He answered an ad in the newspaper
    • It was a sting operation and he was arrested
    • He was on probation and his record was wiped clean because it was a first offense

    Should/Can I still report this to Immigration? Can they deport him for this?

    Situation #3
    Since October 2007 my husband has been saying some alarming things:

    • Said to me that he wanted to shoot everyone at place he was fired from
    • Said he would stab two of my friends specifically or anyone else who got in his way and has begun carrying a knife
    • Told a mutual friend (whose wife cleaned out their savings account before filing for divorce) that the husband should shoot her

    Note that we are getting ready to go through a divorce as well. Should I be reporting this type of stuff to authorities? If so, who?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Re: Should I Report This To Authorities?

    Your local Police

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    Default Re: Should I Report This To Authorities?

    Quote Quoting panther10758
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    Your local Police
    ASAP = (as soon as possible).

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    Default Re: Should I Report This To Authorities?

    Probably the best place to report his online activity is throught the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Cyber Tipline:

    They will help coordinate with local law enforcement and associated ISPs.

    Beyond the possible pedophile issues, since he appears to support a policy of violence in dealing with problems, you might also seriously consider getting a restraining order (including telling the jduge about any weapons), removing any firearms from the home, and working on a safety plan to protect yourself and any children present.

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    Default Re: Should I Report This To Authorities?

    Call your local police department, local sheriff's department, or state police department and see if they have a sex crimes detective. Some state police are nothing more than highway patrol that handle crimes on the road and keep order (write tickets to remind people that there is a speed limit or sensible driving).

    Chances are he is not talking to all little girls but is talking to a member of Perverted Justice. You may be able to sign up for their forums and contact them with this information and see if they will follow-up with you. If they are working an active bust they may or may not be able to assist you but could provide some general guidance (keystroke loggers or child minders that he can't detect, etc.). They may call to verify that you are a woman and ask for the screen name. You never know what they will or won't do because they are like the police. They have an evidentiary system that works.

    ...and that is why you need to go to police. They can tell you what is and isn't legal. They can make a copy of the hard drive in less than an hour (while he is at work) and review what is on it. They can install software with your consent that will track this activity.

    In some states, such as Virginia, taking a picture of a minor without the consent of the parent is a crime. Catching a kid in a background shot where the background shot is the subject is not a crime. Taking a picture where that child is the subject is a crime. In your state his picture on his myspace page may be a crime in and of itself.

    If you look at a pedophile and statistics on recidivism, you will find that they are repeat offenders.

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