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    Default Abandoned Property

    A friend asked me if I would store some of her belongings for her for a weekend while her apartment complex made ready a garage. She sent over a truck load that filled a major portion of my garge! After a few days, she then asked me to keep her things for a week. After 4 months, I went through her things to consolidate. I threw away trash and repacked pictures, etc. When six months went by without a word from her and after numerous attempts to reach her at both work and home, I donated her things to local charities.

    She finally called me after 8 months and is upset with me and told me that if she had thought I was serious, she would have returned my call. She hasn't threatened any legal action, yet. Is there anything I should be worried about?

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    Default Disposal of Friend's Belongings

    You mean, other than a possible legal action?

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