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    Default Rights To Claim Information After a California Property Damage Accident

    Just wondering, if I was in a collision in Cali, and was found to be the primary cause, (but not 100% at fault because both of the drivers involved were both found guilty of a violation of vehicle code) do I have the right to demand to see the claim verification paperwork of the other guy?
    My insurance company has still not been given any documentation that states the other guys car had to be totaled. My insurance coverage is insufficient to cover this, and their insurance is going to pursue the costs directly from me. Don't i have the right to A) demand the proof of costs and B) only pay then the cost thaa equals the percent of my blame? (They said they were not going to setlle for anything less than me being 100% at fault which is totally bogus if we were BOTH in violation of code, right?)
    What are my rights? My insurance co is only doing so much it seems....

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    Default Re: Rights To Claim Information After a California Property Damage Accident

    You don't have any automatic right to get information from the other driver's insurance file. You may be able to obtain some of that information through discovery if you sue.

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