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    Default Harassment by Parents After Reporting Them As Child Abusers

    I reported a possible case of abuse to the police that involved a family member and his child. When the police went over to this relative's house to check on things, the police disclosed that I was the one who filed the report. My relative immediately called my parents to tell them what I did, and my mom started asking me to confirm whether or not I was the one to report the abuse. She was being really, really weird, insisting that I tell her and yelling. I could also hear my father in the background screaming in a bloody rage. I felt that my safety and the safety of my family (my husband and child) were being threatened (despite the fact they did not explicitly threaten us).

    My questions:

    Are there any federal or California laws about harassment because of a party making a report to the authorities? Anything like this?

    Also, I feel that the officer unnecessarily disclosed my information to my relative which led to my parents harassing me. Is there any federal or state laws against this?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful information.

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    Default Report of Child Abuse

    A mandated reporter is protected by privacy laws. However, where a report is made voluntarily I am not sure that there is a similar legal provision. The protective services agency you spoke with may be able to clarify any protections you are supposed to enjoy.

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