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    Default What Shows Up In A CORI Check

    Recently a fellow employee who had been hired for a temporary position was supposedly fired after not passing his Corey Check.

    He told someone that it was due to a domestic violence arrest 24 yrs ago with a previous girlfriend. Does a Corey check go back that far, and would this be reason to fire him (I guess it would if he lied about it).

    He must have been hired before passing the Corey.

    Does anyone know how deep and far back a Corey check goes?

    This occurred in Massachusetts.

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    Default Re: What Shows Up In A CORY Check

    Here's an overview of CORI checks.
    Quote Quoting Criminal Records and Applying For Jobs
    Who can see my CORI, and how much do they get to see?
    A: Many employers are allowed or required to do CORI checks on people who are applying for jobs. A CORI check means that the employer asks the Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board for a copy of your criminal record. Most employers will get to see only convictions and cases that are still open. But some employers, like nursing homes, are also allowed to see charges you were not convicted of. Public housing authorities are also allowed to see CORI, but they can only see convictions and open cases.

    Can I see my own CORI?

    A: Yes. It is a good idea to request your own CORI, especially if you are not sure what is on your record. The Personal CORI Request Form is available on the Internet at, or call 617-660-4640. Some courts have the form available as well. The form must be notarized and mailed to the Criminal History Systems Board with a self-addressed stamped envelope. There is a $25 fee, but if you cannot afford $25, you can fill out an Affidavit of Indigency, also found on the website listed above, to have the fee waived. Once you get your CORI, you should look it over to make sure it is accurate. If you think there are mistakes, you should contact the probation department of the court that handled the charges you think are wrong.

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