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    Question How Can an Independent Contractor Recover Money Owed by a Client

    In 1999 I entered into a contract with one of the largest companies of it's kind, and for the first couple of months they paid me correctly , but at this time I didn't know that my contract was about to be breached. I quite the job as a independent contractor in Nov, 2003 and in Oct of the same year the company went public and has been sense that time. I later went back in 2005 as a independent contractor by this time the company was well into obeying the rules that governed a company on the stock market, after returning and upon completing my first pay period of work for the company my first settlement was $8.500 us dollars (eight thousand five hundred dollars.) I had never made this much before with the company before, but upon my arrival back to the company I latter found out that some executive had been arrested by sheriff in the county where the corporate office was located (Hills Borrow County) and that every thing in his office was seized for evidence, apparently he had been scheming money off the independent contractors and not telling the truth about the rates, along with some of the people in the payroll dept in which he was in charge of.

    I was not aware of this until I returned in June of 2005, for some reason after signing my contract in June 2005 I received a message from the corporate office informing me that I had a ticket waiting for me after my initial orientation (a five day course for saftey purposes for the line of work I was about to enter)....the saftey orientation was the same as before in 1999 it was mandatory to take this course for every one , even if your a I guess my question is I became aware of the possibility of a possible breach of my contract in June 2005 what is the first thing I should do in this the way when I arrived in Michigan state I met with the Senior VP of Operations and a regional VP, I'll go into details about what we talked about , but my question is at this point what should I do. but keep in mind for 5 years I was not aware of a possible breach of my contract, and what made me wonder if they had lied to me all this time was the fact from 1999 thru 2003 I only gross around $1200.00 to 1300.00 hundred dollars every other week some weeks they claim I didn't even gross enough or was in dept because of the use of the equipment , and because of this , some weeks my personal obligations went unattended and it also caused me A great deal of mental anguish and anxiety I lost my house gained new problems with the I.R.S and past due child support, my life was a living hell for those five years, and some people might argue and say , well why did you stay for so long......and my answer is, in this type of business their was money to be made , I also have a passion for doing the type of work and I knew something wasn't right but couldn't zero in on the problem

    I worked just as hard as the next independent contractor traveled every major city in the country Canada and Mexico to get the job done, but still other contractors seemed to be doing better than me and it just peeks my curiosity when after the company had been introduced to the public people where arrested and instead of 1200.00 or 1300.00 hundred dollars every other week my first independent contract settlement was for over eight thousand dollars and nothing change in my work habits as a matter of fact I probly did less work that pay period ending than I had ever done before............I need some good advice Texas bandit......Houston,Tx

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