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    Question Procedure For the Georgia Sentence Review Panel

    I have about 12 days left to prepare the sentence review packet for my father;

    nobody i talk to seems to know anything about it. The only thing i can get is from the lady who answer the phone at sentence review - she says - less is more;

    I have no idea of format, length, etc. No idea if they want legal breifs or real words from real people. Our lawyer plans to help, but he doesn't know anything either.


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    Default Re: Procedure For the Georgia Sentence Review Panel

    Maybe your lawyer should refer you to another lawyer who is familiar with this process. I don't know the facts, the conviction charge, the sentence, or any mitigating circumstances, so I don't have any suggestions. You can read the governing rules here (PDF):
    Quote Quoting Rule 49.
    Factors to be considered in the review shall be the nature and circumstances of the crime, prior criminal record, age, disparity of sentences between co defendants, negotiated sentences, aggravating circumstances and mitigating circumstances. Members of the Panel shall not base their decision upon what sentence the Panel members would have imposed, but shall reduce a sentence or sentences only if they determine that the sentence under review is excessively harsh.

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    Default Re: Procedure For the Georgia Sentence Review Panel

    Well, our lawyer is a total piece of crap!

    But thanks for the info on the panel! Ever since it was abolished in this year's legislature, all web references to it seem to have disappered. I haven't been able to find any informtion at all!

    the clerk said hardly anybody uses a lawyer. . . I have no idea how to find a lawyer that knows anything about it.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - and for answering so soon!

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