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    Default Forged Life Insurance Beneficiary Change

    My mother recently passed away at the age of 83. She has been in very poor health for quite some time. In going through her personal things, I found a copy of a change in life insurance beneficiary which was done just over a month prior to her death, changing the beneficiary from myself and brother, to a friend of hers. The signature on the form is not her signature, as she had a very distinct and recognizable signature. She always signed her full name, middle initial, and this was just a shortened version and the handwriting nothing like hers. For example, using different names, she would always sign something like "Elizabeth A. Johnson", while this signature was "Liz Johnson" - again these are changed names for illustrative purposes.

    The friend who is now listed as beneficiary is a former co-worker, and the insurance policy is managed through her former employer, it was a benefit of her tenure.

    I was advised by her place of employment to fill out a death claim form and write a letter explaining and disputing the change in beneficiary. My question is what advice can you give me on this process, the beneficiary change is not notarized, nor witnessed, what can I expect in the process and what would be the best grounds to stand on as I write this letter and submit the claim, any advice you can share is welcome. We're not talking a lot of money here, it's just a tad more than I have already paid out in funeral expenses and other.


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    Default Re: Forged Life Insurance Beneficiary Change

    I would, to start, do as suggested - send a copy of the death cert. & claim form + letter explaining the situation & disputing the change of bene. They should verify the signature on the change of bene form with the signature on the ins. application. They need to match. Also, since the change of bene form was not witnessed/notarized, it may not be accepted. I would hold & see if the proceeds get paid to you & your brother after everything is reviewed. If the proceeds do get paid to your mother's friend, you would then have to contest the payment in court. (Sue your mother's friend for the ins. benefit.)

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