My mother recently passed away at the age of 83. She has been in very poor health for quite some time. In going through her personal things, I found a copy of a change in life insurance beneficiary which was done just over a month prior to her death, changing the beneficiary from myself and brother, to a friend of hers. The signature on the form is not her signature, as she had a very distinct and recognizable signature. She always signed her full name, middle initial, and this was just a shortened version and the handwriting nothing like hers. For example, using different names, she would always sign something like "Elizabeth A. Johnson", while this signature was "Liz Johnson" - again these are changed names for illustrative purposes.

The friend who is now listed as beneficiary is a former co-worker, and the insurance policy is managed through her former employer, it was a benefit of her tenure.

I was advised by her place of employment to fill out a death claim form and write a letter explaining and disputing the change in beneficiary. My question is what advice can you give me on this process, the beneficiary change is not notarized, nor witnessed, what can I expect in the process and what would be the best grounds to stand on as I write this letter and submit the claim, any advice you can share is welcome. We're not talking a lot of money here, it's just a tad more than I have already paid out in funeral expenses and other.