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    Default First Degree Theft In Alabama

    Ok a few months ago I was fired from my job that loans money to people. I created 3 false accounts Times where hard and I was in a jam. I was fired for a different reason altogether. I told my boss what I had done and told him I was planning on paying each account off. He told me I had to pay in full all accounts. I did not have the $$$. I still offered payments to him on several occasions. Today I was picked up for 1st Degree theft ($9000.00). This is my first offense and I am in Alabama. Does it look like I will get jail time? I still plan on paying the money back just can't do it all at once.


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    If your record is otherwise clean, and you're making restitution, I doubt that you will go to jail. But you committed a serious criminal offense which carries that potential.

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    You need to be seeking a criminal defense Attorney right away

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