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    Default Marrying a Filipina working in Korea

    I am a US serviceman in Korea wishing to marry and bring back my filipina love who is currently working in Korea. Would it be easier / less costly or even better to get a fiancee visa, marry in states and then file for k3 or just get married here and apply for k3. Also since I am at the whim of the US Government, what sort of delay would I be looking at with the K1 vs K3 ?

    Also, is this something I could be / should be doing myself or should I shell out the cash to have a lawyer do it ?

    My thanks


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    Default Immigration & Marriage

    I am loathe to guess at times - there are all sorts of "personal experience" websites around which give actual timeframes from their authors' cases, and there are attorneys who say "probably 90 days; maybe longer" - but it's all, at one level or another, a guess. And guesses don't do you much good if you're the exception.

    If you marry within the U.S., you wouldn't then file for a K-3 visa. You would file an I-130 petition for Alien Relative, and I-485 application for permanent residence.

    I don't know that one way or the other will save you money. If I were in your position, I would probably consult an immigration lawyer about strategy, even if I then chose to handle the paperwork myself.

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    The timeframes for both K-1 and K-3 are quite similar. I could check Manila's Embassy processing times.

    You should consult with an immigration attorney prior to filing your papers.

    Best regards and Happy Marriage!

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