I am in Indiana. I was given a ticked for failure to yield after swerving to avoid being rear ended by i car traveling at about 50 mph. I was stopped on a fairly busy road waiting to turn left into a housing addition. The road was four lanes total 2 one way and 2 the other.

I am in the left lane and i cannot turn yet as there is traffic. I see in my rear view mirror a car coming up behind me. It isn't slowing down. I look and still there is traffic. I look and the car is getting really close now and hasn't slowed down or changed lanes.

At this point i know it will hit me if i don't move now, so i step on the gas and go into the lane that is next to me to the left. This is as far as i go as there is still traffic. I am now facing the wrong direction pulled into the opposite direction lane to the left of me. The next lane over a cop drives by right as i do this.

He slows down. I can now turn across the next lane and get into my housing addition, but then he turns on the lights and pulls me over. Then he just yells at me and won't listen and says he didn't see anyone coming, and literally rips my registration out of my hand yelling.

SO heres the question. Can i do anything about this. Don't cop cars have cameras or something i could use. Other than that i guess there is no proof. I barely dodged being seriously injured, didn't hit anything or get in the way of anyone, i just changed lanes quickly and stopped. This is by far the worst thing to happen to me. What can i do?