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    Default Penalty For Forgetting To Take Care Of A Fix-It Ticket

    Hello! I have a quick question that I hope someone has the answer for. About 2 weeks ago, I was driving home from a concert at around 2am. I am in Flint Michigan, by the way. I had been driving for about 2 hours and I pulled off of the expressway to stop somewhere and get a soda. I noticed about 6 Michigan state police vehicles up and down the street. I hadn't been drinking and I wasn't speeding or anything so I didn't worry about it. I was pulled over immediately. When the officer approached my car, I asked him if I did anything wrong and he said no. I just kind of stared at him for a minute, waiting for him to say something else and then finally he said that the light over my license plate was burned out. I'm not by any means stupid. 2am on Dort Highway and state police are pulling over every single car that passes by? Obviously they're looking for drunk drivers. I don't usually mind these kinds of things because the officers just let you go when they see that you aren't drunk. This one decided to make me sit there in the car for a half an hour while he sat in his car and chatted it up with another officer that pulled up next to him. Then he wrote me a fix it ticket for the bulb. The ticket carries absolutely no fines, I just have to get it signed and take it back to the court house. I forgot about it and its now past the 14 days I had to get this done. I changed the light bulb a long time ago. I was just wondering what the penalty would be for this? Thank you, I guess my question wasn't really a short one after all.

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    Default Re: What Is The Penalty For Forgetting This?

    You probably now owe a late fee on top of the ticket. If you call the courthouse, or stop by in person, you should be able to determine your fine.

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