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    Default Responsibility For Unexpected Additional Charges On an Auto Loan

    We have made all 72 payments on our car loan, and during the loan had to refinance it a few times to keep the loan current. Now, with no notice of any pending late fees (which were all paid) we got a bill for over 4K saying this is the interest that accrued because of late payments. Are we responsible for this new unknown charge?
    Confused and shocked in PA

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    Default Re: Responsible For Unexpected Additional Charges On an Auto Loan

    If you refinanced and paid off the entire prior balance owed, then the amount currently owed should relate only to your most recent loan. You would need to review your loan contract and payment history to see how much you paid off and how much you still owe. If you have refinanced a number of times following periods of delinquency, I would expect that your loan balance would have gone up each time.

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