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    Default Art Show Allowed Sale of Commercial Products

    I sell my work at art shows, all of the shows I apply to state in writing everything in the show must be made by the person selling. Further you are required to send pictures of your work, list items that you will sell on the application and sell only items you have personally crafted.

    I went to a show yesterday that was promoted as a Handmade only show and 20-30% of the spaces were buy/sell commercial items. I spoke with the show organizer about the buy/sell vendors and she acknowledged the commercial items do get into the show and, she stopped by my space an hour or so later and told me she walked the show and noted all the buy/sell booths to weed out of next year's show.

    I have sent a letter asking for a refund, if they don't refund my entry fee, I thought perhaps I'd take them to small claims court to get my entry fee back. I did my part - only sold handmade goods, only sold items in the submitted pictures and what I listed on my application, etc. but, the organizer didn't fulfill their end of the deal providing me with a commercial vendor free show. I do have pictures of some of the buy/sell booths and copies of the show description, show flyer and show application clearly stating this was a handmade only show.

    Do I have a good chance of winning such a case? I'm in California.

    Thanks. kh

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    Default Re: Art Show Allowed Sale of Commercial Products

    I don't know if this is what they intended - perhaps they thought they had weeded out the commercial vendors. But from what you say, whether or not their intentions were good, they didn't deliver what they promised. You need to read your actual contract with them, but whether it's misrepresentation or negligence, based on the facts you have provided you may be able to succeed in a small claims lawsuit.

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