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    Default Apartment Parking Lot Laws and Minimum Tenant Parking

    At the apartment I am currently living at, there is a shortage of parking for the renters in the back of the complex. There are a few carports for rent in my area, but not very much free parking. There is also a back exit from the complex where people were allowed to park in the grass, but the new manager closed and locked the gate since it is supposed to be for emergency vehicles only. When I moved in the manager at the time suggested we park there and now that the gate is closed, we in the last few buildings, have to park from the middle of the complex toward the front if we come home past 8 or 9 pm. This is at least 3 or more large buildings away. My question is this; is there any law in Texas stating that an apartment complex has to have a minimum number of unpaid parking spots for its renters? It seems like there is only one spot per unit and we live in an area of all 2 or 3 bedroom units. My roommate and I are in a jam because our job in retail sometimes keeps us at work past 10 or 11. It was suggested to me by the office staff that I rent a carport, and the only one available is on the opposite side of our building. Plus, there is only ONE spot, and there are two of us... Is there anything I can do or say to either get the back gate reopened or to get them to create more parking?

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    Default Re: Apartment Parking Lot Laws and Minimum Tenant Parking

    Parking space is most likely to be addressed by local regulation, as opposed to state law (although you should be notified of parking policies by the landlord), and odds are the landlord had to prove that its parking arrangements would satisfy those requirements as a condition to building the complex. Check with your local government.

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    Default California Apartment no parking left

    I couldn't figure out how to start a new thread so hopefully I can get replies.

    I live in California.
    I rented an apartment which came with an assigned parking spot. I needed a garage to temporarily store my stuff. So I paid the extra $50 for the garage. I was then told that I can only have 1 parking spot at a time because of a shortage of parking. I was moving out of my apartment, my mother was moving in and took over a new lease for the same apartment. Now she doesn't want the garage. They told her she would have to find uncovered parking, if possible, that the spot previously assigned to my apartment has been reassigned to a vacant unit. There are more cars than parking spots and some people have to park up to 3 blocks away.
    I am wondering if they can do this. I know they are lying and that there is enough for a covered spot, 1 for each unit. Is there any law in California that requires apartments to have at least 1 assigned spot per unit?


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