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    Default Arrest For Battery, Innocent

    So my brother and his wife have been in a bad marriage for years. She is an illegal alien from Mexico. They married in Nevada and my brother never filed papers for her. He now wants a divorce but is afraid she will flee the country for Mexico just so he wont see the kids anymore. Well he finally gets the guts to go get a divorce and then after much encouragemnt from his family to file a report with the police the next time she starts to get abusive towards him he does. So the police come and apparently last week she filed a report with a deputy that said he battered her. He claims this is completely bogus and has never laid a hand on her. Well they arrested him. I want to help him get an attorney that not only can help him witht he criminal case against him but one that can also help him file for divorce and also file for some sort of restraint that would prohibit her from leaving the country with the kids.

    Please help!!

    Joey D.

    San Diego, CA (Escondido)

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    Default Re: Brother Arrested For Battery, Innocent

    He probably needs two attorneys - one for the criminal case and another for the divorce case. I'm a bit surprised that he filed for divorce without a lawyer, given the concerns you described. What was your question?

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