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    Hi. Last night there was an off-campus party, where upwards of 60 students from my university were listening to a favorite band of our school, there was a keg of beer. After 3 minutes (literally) of playing we heard the words, 'Cops.' Apparently, there was a noise complaint. The band was in the basement, where approx. 30 of listeners also were. Before we knew it, we were forced to stay in the basement, with officers in and out of the house. They would not let us up or really tell us what was going on. They were trying to scare us by saying, 'Your school has really strict policies, how is going to feel to get kicked out?'. (our school has no policies like this.)
    Eventually they filed us upstairs, holding us in a living room. And began citing everyone, Minor in Possession violations. They did not administer any tests, they assumed we were all drinking.
    This was a mass ticketing, about 20 students were slapped with a minimum $250 fines. I feel that the way the officers went about it was wrong. They seemed like they wanted to scare us, and made rude jokes like, saying "merry Christmas" after doling them out. Is there any room to bring up their behavior?
    I have no experience with these sort of things, and don't really know how to go about dealing with it. Should I plead not guilty and go to court? What can they prove that I was doing if I do? Is there any way that they can increase my fine or punishment if I do bring it to court?
    Sorry if this is a long story, but it was an intense evening, that left me pretty upset and confused. I would appreciate any input.

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    Odds are, if you go to court there will be some sort of mass deal offered to the sizable group of people who received the MIP tickets. You may wish to consult a local criminal defense lawyer to get a sense of how the prosecutor treats these cases.

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