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    Default Student Loans In Default Facing Garnishment

    Today I received a call from DCS Collections stating that If I didn't set up a repayment plan and pay 188.00 (today) for the hardship repayment plan I wish to set up will be null and void if I don't pay today and they will process with revewing my case for garnishment. I told then I could pay it on the 7th but she said i had to pay today. What I'm wondering is if they do decide to garnish my paycheck will filing for bankruptcy at a later date stop the garnishment and will i be able to go ahead and start the payment plan. Or if I can't pay then today and she decided to send my account through for garnishment today and I pay on the 7th will that stop the garnishment? ANYONE HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Default Re: Student Loans In Default Facing Garnishment

    Entering Chapter 13 bankruptcy may result in your loan payment being incorporated into your repayment plan through the bankruptcy court, but it's not going to prevent you from having to repay a guaranteed student loan.

    Wage garnishment laws are different in each state.

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