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    Default Returning to Work After Injury

    Hi again, thanks for all the help. After I was hurt at work in march 2004, they had me doing light duty, sitting down , high on pain pills, that was fine, but I was in soooo much pain , and I was sooo frustrated in the fact that I felt that no one was believing me. Well after 8 months ( i saw a ortho, pain management) they actually sent me to a foot doctor( i hurt my foot) he did lots of xrays and mri and they didnt see to much, so after 13 months after my accident he did surgery to see what might be in there. The ligament wasnt intact and they had to do a recunstruction of my ligament, and I was so relieved that there WAS something. Now i have electrical pains, shooting, throbbing pains etc... and the doctor said it could be forever. He said I have sensitive nerves and that I could feel this pain forever.

    My question is, he said after this week coming up if there is no improvement he might say thats all he can do medically , so what might happen after that, I have not been released back to work yet and he has not started pt yet because of my pain, my surgery was 4-21-2005. Does the w/c company have to settle once the doctor says thats all? Please help.

    I went to the dr today and was prescribed, percocet, neurontin, xanex .25 mg, lunestra( i cant sleep if I move my foot ) and one other anxiety pill (low dose) he said its just to calm me because I get upset telling him about my pain and that I AM soooooo tired of dealing with the nerve pains everyday.

    Tell me what you think, I am in Virginia

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    Default Chronic Pain Condition

    The workers' compensation insurance carrier will make a determination at some point as to whether you can return to work. If they decide you can, and you feel that you cannot, you may have to retain a workers' compensation lawyer to help resolve the dispute.

    If this does turn out to be a chronic, disabling condition, you will also have to consider the possiblity of Social Security Disability.

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