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    Default Employee's Rights After Customer Harassment, and Employee Theft

    First question. If there is an employee that has an exgirlfriend ( brief relationship) thathas harrassed him in the past to where he changed his phone number and now the ex girlfriend has resorted to coming into his place of business (retail establishment)which she has never frequented before and doesnt physically harm the employee but makes loud rude comments or generally smarts off to him unprovoked is he within his legal right to ask her to leave and not return or would he be putting the business at risk in any way?

    Second question. When working retail and you are the manager and money comes up short and you can by process of elimination pin it to one person but did not see it being taken, how far can you legally go in confronting the employee? What are the reccomended steps to take in a situation like this?

    This is in Indiana. I dont know if the laws for either of these questions vary from state to state.

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    Default Re: Employee's Rights After Customer Harassment, and Employee Theft

    The employee has no right to ban anybody from a business, unless duly authorized by the owner of the business. If an employee is letting his or her personal life spill over into the business and disrupt business operations, the employer can discipline or fire the employee. If the employee wishes for an ex-girlfriend to be banned from the business, that's something the employee needs to take up with the boss.

    If you suspect somebody of stealing, you can confront them about the shortages or, in most cases, fire them even if you're not absolutely certain that they're the thief.

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    Default Re: Employee's Rights After Customer Harassment, and Employee Theft

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Employee's Rights After Customer Harassment, and Employee Theft

    You're free to attempt to get a restraining order. However, I don't know if her behavior is extreme enough to warrant getting one.

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