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    Default Colorado Emancipation Law

    Hi, I have a couple questions regarding emancipation laws in Colorado. I am in a very sticky situation. It's very painful and I would like to know the easiest way to get out of it. First of all, let me explain my situation. I live in an abusive home with both my parents, my mom being the abuser. My father isnt abusive in any way other than the fact that he doesnt stop my mom. The abuse isn't physical so much as it is emotional. I'm turning 17 shortly, and I would like to get myself emancipated. Im aware of the Colorado laws, i'm just unsure whether or not I fall under them. I have a job, however I realize I cannot support myself. My grandmother and grandfather as well as my aunts on my father's side are aware of the situation and have all volunteered to let me move in with any of them. My mom forbids me to talk to my father's side of the family because of some old grudge which I am not aware of. My mom has torn my family apart while my dad has sat back and watched. I felt helpless for a long time before people who cared about me finally started telling me that this was not how a family should be. I realize now I have people who care for me and want to get me out of this horrible situation. I would like to get out of this house as quickly as I can. I realize it's going to be a messy, stressful situation and I'm prepared to deal with that, I just need help obtaining more emancipation information.

    If I cant support myself, can I get emancipated?
    Does my Aunt need to gain custody of me?

    Thank you for your help,

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    Default Colorado Emancipation Law

    Colorado does not appear to have a statutorily defined procedure for emancipation. It recognizes emancipation in its statutes:
    Quote Quoting Colorado Code 19-1-103. Definitions
    (45) "Emancipated juvenile", as used in section 19-2-511, means a juvenile over fifteen years of age and under eighteen years of age who has, with the real or apparent assent of the juvenile's parents, demonstrated independence from the juvenile's parents in matters of care, custody, and earnings. The term may include, but shall not be limited to, any such juvenile who has the sole responsibility for the juvenile's own support, who is married, or who is in the military.
    and it is my understanding that a court will recognize a minor as emancipated.

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