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    Default Traffic Misdemeanor Charges

    I received a reckless speeding ticket in August for going 45 in a 25 in Virginia whilst on vacation. I am a NY resident. I looked it up and in VA this is a traffic misdemeanor. I called my DMV in NY and they said there would be no point carryover to my NYS driving record. Will a conviction affect anything else I should worry about? Also, how long does a traffic misdemeanor stay on my record if convicted (if at all)? Thanks!

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    Wreckless my ass! lol

    Stays on your record for years, but find out of they issue a warrant for failure to appear....then have an attorney on that state move for a dismissal several years later for a lack of prosecution.

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    Default Reckless Driving Charge

    A conviction for a criminal misdemeanor goes on your criminal record which, absent pardon or expungement, is forever.

    You may want to contact a Virginia lawyer who handles traffic tickets to see if you can get the ticket reduced to a non-criminal offense or dismissed on payment of a fine and court costs.

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