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    Default Can't Renew License Due to Out-of-State Suspension

    i want to renew my license in NH. and they said they cant renew it because my license is suspended in massachusetts. so i was confused, and they gave me a number to call. the "suspension support line". i never get through there and was on hold for 4 hours. i call the number to pay fines and all, and the guy looks up my info. he said that everything was good on there end there was something wrong with NHs system. i asked what ,my license was suspended for. they said "equipment violation" in 2005. which i have no recolection of being pulled over in that year. that i gave them my mass license. NH took my mass license when i got my NH license in 2003. mass said that in order to lift the suspension i would need to get a clearance letter from NH, watch lke 6 hours of video and pay 100 bucks.

    my qustion is how can mass suspend a license i dont have? i got my nh license in 03 and the suspension happened in 05.


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    Default Re: Can't Renew License Due to Out-of-State Suspension

    Massachusetts suspended your driving privileges, and reported the suspension to other states. Technically that only suspended your privileges in Massachusetts, but once New Hampshire learned of it they repsected the suspension and denied renewal.

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    Default Re: Can't Renew License Due to Out-of-State Suspension

    You will need to contact the DMV in MA again to see if they have case information.

    Any state can suspend your priveleges to drive and that is picked up by the driver's license compact. Most states will then summarily suspend your license in their state.

    If a friend were to get pulled over in your vehicle and not pay the fine then some states will pursue the "friend" as well as the license of the vehicle owner. This is also common where a vehicle is sold and the VIN is looked up for the last owner. Did you loan or sell a vehicle in '05?

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