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    I work for a non-profit human service agency providing in-home behavioral services to foster children and their families. Approximately 1 year ago, I developed a proposal to conduct this service on a consultative basis to outside agencies, through my current employer. Initially, I was under the impression that they were allowing me to develop a new program. After a year of generating additional revenue for the organization, and their restricting my time to grow the program, I've decided that I would like to do private consulting. The organization does not have a non-compete clause nor did I sign any contracts stating that I would not conduct this type of work outside the organization.

    I recently requested a reduction in my hours so that I could pursue private practice consultation and was informed that I could not do this. Is that true if there is no clauses and if I pursue it would they have grounds to terminate me?

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    I see two issues:

    1. They don't have to reduce your hours; if you can't do this other job without reducing your hours, or intend to perform the work while "working" for your current job, your employer has the right to object.

    2. They don't have to be happy about your competing with their services. A non-compete clause restricts you from competing with them after your employment ends - but its absence does not mean that they have to tolerate your competing with them while you remain employed by them.

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