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    Default Whose Health Insurance Pays

    If you have just arrive at the station as your train starts to move, and you jump to the Door of the train and,
    1) get into the train but broke your leg
    2) jump but can't get into the train but still broke your leg....
    In which situation would you to get use of health insurance provided by the train company?

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    Default Re: Health insurance??

    school questions again?

    you don;t get to use the train company's insurance in either case. As a matter of fact, they get to whack you for being an idiot and injuring yourself by being reckless in your actions.

    hope you have your own insurance.

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    Default Re: Whose Health Insurance Pays

    After 8 years of employment with one company I am unemployed with no medical or dental insurance for me and my daughter whose a type 1 diabetic. In the next couple of weeks, I will need to provide additional supplies of insulin and materials for her meditronic insulin pump. These supplies are very costly without health insurance. Paying out of pocket will drastically impact our living capability at this time. I'd like to take advantage of an organization program within the area that could lead to temporary assistance while I seek another job. I appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Whose Health Insurance Pays

    And that has what to do with jumping onto a train?

    As you are in India, it is unlikely that anybody here can help you.

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