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    Default Understanding the Different Types of Abuse

    I have a question about the differences between physical, emotional, verbal and drug influenced abuse. My eldested daughter is with her father and he is involved in drugs. I am unsure to what extent but my daughter has informed me that he tells her that what he does is ok. In a affidavit he states that I am the druggy, I have been clean now for over two years, what is the course of action that I should take thru the county and what constitutes a abusive inviroment? Any answers would be helpful. We live in Minnesota. Thank you.

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    Question Re: what are the differences between abuse

    what do you want to do with a definition????

    if you believe that the environment is bad for a child then your recourse is:
    1. petition family court through the friend of the court (attorney would help)
    2. start making referrals to Children's Protective Services....they will decide if it is abuse or neglect.

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