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    I want to start an online site and sell advertising. I would like to giveaway a prize to someone or several people who do business with me. Although this is similer to a raffle, they are paying for a service(the advertising) and this is a (bonus) if you will. However, I do want to make sure I'm doing things legally. Please advise.

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    You need to check and follow the laws of your state, federal laws, and the laws of any state in which you plan to offer your raffle. If you have something similar in mind, you may want to look at what they did at

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    Thank you for the response. is not like what I am looking into. What I am looking to do isn't exactly a raffle (bad choice of words) more like a promotion. I would like to give a prize (thru a drawing or something similer)to my clients that do business with me. This would be on a website. I do plan to contact an attorney but I wanted to use this forum to find anything I could beforhand. Any other advise. Thank you again.

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    you just need to talk to an attorney...he/she will be the one who can help you the best.

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