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    Default Quit Claimed Out Of an Inheritance

    My father quit claimed the house to his #1 grandson in Sept, just 2 months ago. I was floored when he told me what he was going to do. I am his only son. I have one sister, his only daughter. It's my sister's #1 son who got the house. My sister is married and has 10 children. Both she and I are executors of the estate. She had POA before he died. I am unmarried and don't have any children.

    My father did this with the understanding that #1 grandson and his future wife would take care of my father when the time came and they would take care of the house as well.

    My father just died last week. #1 grandson has not even moved in, yet. They were in the process of moving my father and his belongings to the other side of the house when he died.

    My father had a will. My sister and I were to split everything 50/50.

    How can we split 50/50 if #1 grandson got the house?

    This was totally unexpected. My father did not seek any advice. We all thought he would live longer dispite his health problems. If my nephew had taken care of my father like my father intended then I could live with this. I feel like the house should be put back on "the table" as far as any inheritance is concerned.

    We live in Florida. Are there any options?

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    Default Re: Quit Claimed out of an inheritance

    Why did your sister have a POA? How long was the POA in effect BEFORE the quit claim was signed?

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    Default Re: Quit Claimed out of an inheritance

    The largest question appears to be whether your father was mentally competent at the time of the conveyance.

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