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    Default Interpreter Coming In and Out of the Courtroom

    During my trial, the defendant's attorney used a Korean translator for one of their witnesses. At the beginning of the trial the Judge asked the witnesses to leave the courtroom, wait in the hall and NOT talk about the case. The translator left with the rest of the witnesses. Several minutes later, he came back into the courtroom and sat in the back for 5-8 minutes. He then left the room and went back into the hall. He did this 3 or 4 times until the Korean witness was called. My question is...shouldn't my attorney have stopped the trial and, at least, ask the Judge to request that the translator stay in the hall? I believe that he was going back and forth, telling the others what was being said by those testifying before them. Isn't that grounds for a mistrial? I'm aware that it's too late for a mistrial but I'm trying to prove that my attorney did not provide adequate legal services. Can someone give me advice on this? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Interpreter Coming In and Out of the Courtroom

    The interpreter is not a witness. Was this a court-certfied interpreter?

    Do you have more than a "feeling" or a "hunch"? Because that won't get you very far in court.

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